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A Passport to Potential

Every parent has different goals for their child, but most can agree that raising children who are well-rounded and prepared to handle whatever life throws at them are at the core of a parent’s desire.

As gap years continue to appeal to young adults, universities and employers highly value the maturity and life skills that world travelers gain from these experiences. For more than 50 years, Up with People has offered one of the most robust and impactful experiential learning programs around. Our unique international education program offers youth the opportunity to spend either one or two semesters with 100+ young adults from around the world while traveling the world together. They will grow and be challenged by engaging with peers who come from diverse cultures, backgrounds, and mindsets.

UWP provides a global education of a lifetime, for a lifetime!

UWP was a life change for (our son and daughter). It was a world-expanding experience for both of them, even though they are very different people and were at different stages in life when they participated. Traveling and experiencing entirely new cultures gave them a framework to look at the world with a new perspective. Surprisingly, they came back with more questions than answers, but that’s invaluable in today’s world.

Cathy & Chris (Parents of two former UWP participants)

Top 5 reasons Up with People can be the right choice for your son or daughter:

  1. Global Perspective: Today’s leading schools and employers seek people with a global perspective. UWP will help your son or daughter develop a new level of cultural intelligence, enabling them to work effectively with those from other nationalities, cultures, and points-of-view.
  2. Global Experiential Education: Our organization is seen as a true leader and innovator in global experiential education. Our multifaceted program will equip your son or daughter with 21st-century skills that will prepare them to navigate today’s complex world. They will leave their tour with newly-honed leadership and interpersonal communication skills, and a deepened sense of responsibility to the world.
  3. Volunteering: Our focus on volunteering through direct community action in each city we visit helps your son or daughter deepen their commitment to serve others. They will learn first-hand that giving, not getting, leads to personal growth.
  4. Travel & Cultural Immersion: As students of the world, they will travel with people from other countries and live with host families worldwide. Your son or daughter will gain a better understanding of important global issues, including politics, history, culture, geography, environmental issues, religions, and economics.
  5. UWP Alumni Network: After completing their international tour, all cast members join the ranks of more than 22,000 UWP alumni from around the world. Beyond the natural connection UWP alumni share, no matter when they traveled, the Up with People International Alumni Association is an excellent and extensive personal and professional networking community.

If you are interested in speaking with parents whose son or daughter participated in our program, the admissions team is happy to assist you in making that connection. Contact us at +1-303-460-7100.