Program Fees

Invest in Your Future

Up with People creates true gap semester experiences with 5 months of travel and host family stays, 200+ hours of volunteering, and performances in 15+ cities, all while using our mission as a nonprofit, our generous donors, and scholarships to keep our tuition as affordable as possible. Included in our tuition is our world class curriculum that transforms young adults into leaders with the skills to make a positive mark on the world and gives them membership to our 20,000+ member International Alumni Network. It’s time to discover what you’re capable of, and invest in your future.

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Up with People Program Cost

Up with People 5 month Gap Semester

$17,450 USD

Industry Average for 5 month Gap Semester*

$30,100 USD

*avg of 10 most comparable US gap semester programs

The average 5 month gap semester program is about $30,100 USD, but Up with People’s program is under 60% of that at only $17,450 USD. We can do this because Up with People is a nonprofit, dedicated to making travel and intercultural communication accessible to all, so your costs are reduced by generous sponsorships, grants, and donations to our organization. Our costs are lowered even further for our second semester participants by our funding sources, so your second semester is only $11,900 USD (or $9,900 with early payment).

Tuition Cost - First Semester

Total Cost: $17,450

Tuition and Fees: $9,300

  • All tours, excursions, and special events
  • Program and show support, planning, and organization
  • UWP proprietary experiential education curriculum and education staff
  • All specialized training and internship programs (performing arts, technical theatre, marketing and promotion, business management, etc.)

Room Board & Travel: $8,150

  • All international airfare once in program
  • All local transportation once in program (bus, train, metro, etc.)
  • All accommodations/housing and meals on tour
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up with people cast building a house with habitat for humanity

Tuition Cost - Second Semester

Total: $11,900

Your second semester fee is lowered due to a combination of our various donors and funding sources, but still gives you access to the full Up with People experience. Also, if you confirm your second semester during your first semester, you secure these discounted prices:

  • $9,900 USD If deposit is made on or before the last day of the USA portion of tour
  • $10,900 USD If deposit is made on or before the last day of the overall tour

Optional Study Abroad

There’s also an optional Study Abroad option for First and Second semester travelers to receive up to 12 college credits that has a fee of $950 per semester. Learn more about earning academic credit below.

up with people cast member doing a presentation for study abroad
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Items Not Covered by Program Fees

  • Transportation to Denver, Colorado, USA for the start of your tour
  • Transportation from the last city of your tour to your home city
  • Passport and Visa fees
  • Personal expenses (souvenirs, toiletries, etc.)
  • Health insurance

First Semester Payment Due Dates

Semester January - Cast A July - Cast B
Deposit - $500.00 May 1st November 1st
Payment #1 - $5000.00 October 1st April 1st
Payment #2 - $5000.00 November 1st May 1st
Payment #3 - Remaining Balance December 1st June 1st

*Payment can be made any time in advance of the due date

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Scholarships & Fundraising

Need a little help? Up with People offers a variety of scholarships and grant assistance as well as some creative resources and guides to help you develop a fundraising plan.