Parent FAQ

How much does it cost for a semester?

Click here to read about current program fees, scholarships and other funding options.

Who participates in Up with People?

Up with People participants are referred to as cast members, and each group is called a cast mainly because of the performing arts component. Cast members range in age from 17-29 and each cast consists of about 100 people from all over the world. A team of approximately 15 staff facilitators travel with each cast to plan educational opportunities and community service projects, organize and promote each cast visit, ensure success for each performance and create a safe, respectful and fruitful learning environment for both the participants and the communities we visit. Click here for application criteria.

Where will my child live while traveling?

One of the most rewarding parts of your child’s journey will be living with host families in each community they visit. They will share meals and gain insight into the daily lives of their host families.

If my child decides to come home early, will their program fee be refunded?

The full refund policy can be found in the student handbook provided upon acceptance into the program. Only the program fees paid by the participant or others on behalf of the participant are refundable; any scholarships or awards will not be refunded. If a participant withdraws or is discharged at any time during the program, after completing the orientation and staging period, the maximum refund will be $120 USD for each week remaining in the program, as measured from the date of withdrawal or discharge. The $500 deposit is not refundable.

Are all meals provided?

Host families provide morning, evening and weekend meals for your child. If participants make other plans, on occasion, they are asked to communicate that to their host family, and they must cover the cost themselves. All other meals are provided by UWP.

Does my student need musical experience or a specific talent to travel in UWP?

The musical production is a core element of the Up with People program and all students participate in the production. Although musical talent and performance ability are welcome, they are not required. Program acceptance is based on the application and personal interview, rather than an audition. Click here for more information about the application process.

Does a doctor or nurse travel with the group?

While there are no medical professionals traveling with the cast, there are plans in place to deal with medical situations. All staff have valid CPR certification and are trained in Up with People’s emergency response plan. In every tour city, staff will have contact information for local physicians and medical centers in the event a participant requires medical attention.

Do the cast members have a curfew?

Yes, we ask all of our participants to be respectful and courteous to host families. The curfew applies if cast members go out and are not with a member of their host family or involved in an official UWP cast activity. In that case, the cast member needs to be back at the host family’s house no later than midnight. However, students must always take into account the preferences of their host family, and return home earlier, if requested.

Can I talk to other parents of cast members who have traveled in Up with People?

We have a list of alumni parents who are happy to speak with parents considering the UWP program for their son or daughter. Contact one of our Admissions staff in the Denver, Colorado office at for a referral.

Are friends and family able to visit the group during the tour?

Yes! Please notify Up with People staff traveling with your student at least one month prior to your scheduled visit. Your student will have the appropriate contact information. We will assist you in making proper arrangements to ensure smooth operations of the program. All travel, hotel, and meal expenses are the responsibility of the visiting guest(s). Special circumstances may allow you time with your student away from the scheduled tour activities. However, this is subject to approval.