Academic Partners

Our Academic Partners give Up with People cast members an extended learning opportunity by providing the chance to earn academic credit through a variety of programs.

Up with People has an academic partnership with Florida Southern College (FSC) that allows participants to earn academic credit while on tour. Academic courses are offered to complement our existing curriculum of experiential learning and educational workshops, making it possible for most Up with People participants to earn university credit. For more information about admissions requirements and course offerings, see Earn Academic Credit.

A close-knit campus located in the heart of New England, Western New England University (WNEU) attracts hard-working students who are encouraged to think critically about the world around them. Through a partnership with WNEU, Up with People participants are able to earn transfer credits after completion of their UWP program:

  • Students who have completed the UWP program prior to attending WNEU will be awarded 12-16 transfer credits after completing one semester of enrollment in good standing at WNEU
  • Current WNEU students can earn academic credit by traveling with UWP as part of a study abroad program, where they can take advantage of financial aid assistance

By offering a unique four-year Bachelor’s degree program in Global Project and Change Management, Windesheim Honours College (WHC) is the only professional training college in the Netherlands, with a goal of educating students to promote diversity. Benefits of the WHC and Up with People partnership include:

  • Students who have traveled with UWP and then enrolled at WHC can use their time in UWP as their 30 ECTS elective option
  • Current WHC students will receive a credit of $1,000 to their UWP program cost
  • Current WHC students who travel can use their time in UWP as their 30 ECTS elective option

Up with People has an affiliation partnership with Oklahoma State University (OSU) that allows OSU students to earn academic credit while participating in the program.  Academic courses are offered to complement the experiential learning and educational workshops within the program, making it possible for participants to earn academic transfer credit that can be applied toward degrees at OSU.

All Oklahoma State University students interested in participating are required to apply through the Study Abroad/NSE Office.  For more information about the OSU/Up with People partnership, please contact the office here.