Host Family FAQ

What is a host family day?

A host family day is your day to spend with your cast member(s) as a family. You may choose to show them around your city, include them in a family event or simply relax at home.

Is Up with People coming to my community?

Check out our Current Tour Schedule and visit the page regularly for updates as tour details are confirmed.

I’m interested! How do I sign up to be a host family?

Click here to contact us about hosting today.   We’ll keep you updated on program developments and tour schedules. If you have general questions, contact If you know there is a cast coming to your city soon, check out the Current Tour Schedule and contact one of the UWP Promotion Team members in your city.

Can my student use my car?

No. Students are not allowed to drive. Staff and promotion team members with valid driver’s licenses may use your vehicle with written permission but we do not encourage this.

Do students have a curfew?

Yes. The curfew applies if students go out and are not with a member of your family or involved in an official UWP activity. In that case, the student needs to be home no later than midnight. However, students will take your personal, family rules into account and will return home earlier, if requested.

Do cast members have their own health insurance?

Yes. All UWP participants are required to carry their own health insurance. You will be provided information for how to reach the Cast Manager or other emergency contact should your host student require medical attention.

Will I receive tickets to the Up with People show?

Yes. Every host family receives two complimentary tickets to the show.

What are the ages of Up with People cast members?

Our participants are between the ages of 17-29 and come from all around the world.

Do the cast members speak/understand English?

Our program is conducted in English. While English proficiency will vary from participant to participant depending on their home country, all our participants are able to communicate in English.

I work all day. Am I still able to host?

Absolutely! During most days, from approximately 8am – 6pm, your host student(s) will be training, doing community service projects, rehearsing/performing or in other Up with People scheduled activities. The exception is scheduled host family days and these are always on the weekend. You will be given a schedule of their activities before they arrive.

How many cast members will stay in my home?

Host families typically house one or two cast members, but this can vary based on the number of available beds in your home. The local Up with People representative in your city will work with you to determine the ideal number for your family.

How long will a cast member stay in my home?

As Up with People spends approximately one week in each city we visit, and we ask that a host family opens their home for the complete week.

What do host families provide?

Host families provide accommodation, most meals (breakfast and dinner except on performance days), limited local transportation, and an openness to exchanging customs and cultures.