eXperience Programs

Since 2012, Up with People has taken its talents in global touring to develop unique travel opportunities for the general public that coincides with our international cast tours! Typically one week in length, these tours have taken place in many exciting locations, such as Manila, Israel, Cuba, Paris, Amsterdam, Florence, and Rome.These unique international travel programs give participants a chance to experience exciting destinations with a new twist. You will take guided tours to some of the area’s top historical and cultural destinations, and be special guests at an Up with People public performance.

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“Even though we were provided a thorough itinerary, I could not have been prepared for what an amazing trip this turned out to be. The destinations, sight-seeing and cultural experiences were wonderful and to be able to experience everything with such incredible people made this trip phenomenal! Knowing my daughter will be a part of the crazy, brilliant, loving, incredible group of folks that make up the alumni makes my heart smile!”

Past eXperience Program Participant
up with people experience program rome
up with people experience program participants
up with people experience program

“Hardly seems possible that just 24 hours ago we were saying our goodbyes. Thank you to the Viva Cuba team for your hard work in making this possible. Thank you to all for including my husband and me and for making us feel welcome even though we aren't alumni. It was our opportunity to catch a glimpse of what the travel life with Up With People is like and to see the growth and positive impact that this is having for our son and on those that Cast B interacts with. This experience will remain with us for the rest of our lives. Viva Cuba!”

Past eXperience Program Participant