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Entertain & Inspire:
Up with People Rocks the House for Your Event

Looking for meaningful and high energy entertainment for your event? Let Up with People’s skilled creative team produce entertainment specifically tailored to your event. Whether you’re looking for pop hits from the 60s to today, diverse cultural music, or motivational messaging, Up with People has more than 50 years of production experience and music to draw from! We guarantee a performance lineup that’s engaging and entertaining for audiences from age 5 to 95!

“It was such a joy to have Up with People return to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade! What better way to add color, pageantry and diversity to our event than through the high-energy performance of this program. From NBC rehearsals to dancing down Broadway, the cast showed the utmost professionalism.”

Wesley Whatley, Creative Manager Source Title


As best-selling author Simon Sinek suggests, let’s start with ‘Why?’ WHY should I hire Up with People to entertain my guests?

Because you are looking to:

Encourage teamwork, inspire achievement, celebrate diversity, promote cooperation, and entertain guests!
Share your goals and objectives with us and we’ll help you accomplish them. We can offer a fully-contained, professionally- produced show experience and customized show rundowns tailored to your event!

And because we have proven success with:


How can UWP support me in achieving my entertainment goals?

We will develop a customized performance that will leave your audience cheering for more. We can fly a cast in for one-day or multi-day events, regardless of location. With an extensive library of material to draw from, we can tailor our music and message to the mission and purpose of your event.

15-40 person cast
to provide 20-40 minutes of entertainment
100 person cast
to provide 30-90 minutes of entertainment


What are the next steps in hiring Up with People to rock my event?

Simple! Click here to contact our director of sales Chelsey Panchot for more info on availability, rates and booking to start exploring possibilities! We’re excited to entertain and inspire your audience! In an initial exploratory call we will gather the following details from you to begin tailoring a custom entertainment program to suit your event:

  • Event Theme
  • Event Goals
  • Budget
  • Anticipated # of attendees and attendee demographics
  • # of performances
  • Event date(s)

Within 2 weeks we will deliver a customized event proposal that will directly align with your goals and objectives.

“It has been exciting to work with Up with People for the opening show to the 2008 Rose Parade. The creativity in show design, rich and diverse talent, detailed organization and responsive communication provide the ingredients for an incredible collaborative experience in working with Up with People.”

Richard L. Chinen, Esq. Vice President and Chair Source Title

Up with People has extensive and unparalleled experience producing stage productions and global events in over 62 countries. From sales meetings to the Olympic games to four different Super Bowls, entertaining kings, popes and presidents, and reaching into the smallest villages and the largest cities across the world, Up with People has the experience, capacity and connections to make any project a resounding success.

Circling back to Simon Sinek… perhaps the better question is: ‘WHY NOT?’