No matter your age, we have a program for you!

A learning opportunity like no other, Up with People On Tour, introduces our participants – ages 17-29 – to different cultures and customs. Through music, volunteerism, international travel, and host family stays UWP provides exciting and challenging opportunities to develop personal and professional skills while making positive change in the world every day.

Each year, UWP sends two touring casts made up of 100+ international young adults out into the world. Each cast visits 15+ communities on at least two continents. City visits are full of volunteer projects, educational workshops, internship opportunities, host family activities, and musical performances.

Cast members learn and practice leadership, communication, intercultural and global citizenship skills. Our 22,000+ alumni from more than 130 countries have gone on to become leaders in their communities, their businesses and the world.
Learn more at upwithpeople.org/uwpontour


Up with People Jr. is a week-long summer day camp for children ages 8 – 12. Participants explore their own communities and the world, learn UWP songs, discover what it’s like to volunteer, and perform a mini UWP show.
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Camp Up with People
is a performing arts and leadership summer camp in Harrisonburg, VA for ages 13 – 17. Join us for 3 weeks to impact and inspire the community through service and song.
IMPACT Programs are held in select countries around the world and include volunteer work and regional learning opportunities for ages 18 and up. upwithpeople.org/impactprogramsOur next IMPACT Program:


January 4-12, 2019
Travel with a purpose! Join UWP and SAATH, a Nepalese non-profit founded by an UWP alumnus, for an unforgettable week of hands-on volunteer work and community discovery. The IMPACT Nepal program will immerse you in the local culture of this fascinating country while contributing to an important cause. Click here to learn more. 

eXperience Programs
offer unique travel opportunities for ages 18 and up, that interact with our international cast tours! Learn about a region’s history and culture, sample new foods, and meet new friends along the way. Learn more at upwithpeople.org/experienceprogramsOur next eXperience Program: 

Experience Scandinavia
November 12-18, 2018
Experience the magic of the “hygge” holiday markets and more as we welcome the winter in Scandinavia! Join Up with People on a first class tour in Sweden and Denmark. Your adventure includes a week of shared activities with the UWP cast including cultural exploration and community discovery while traveling together with friends, both old and new.Click here to learn more.