Song Name The Water is Rising
Appears on Album The Journey
Writing Credits Words & Music by: Paul Colwell & Ralph Colwell Produced by: Michael Bowerman; Vocal Arrangement: Michael Bowerman Recorded at Smash Studios, Nashville TN and Side 3 Studios, Denver CO
Writer’s Notes About the environment and the question of global warming: ‘Some say it’s human activity, and some say that it ain’t…’
Copyright Copyright © 2015 by Up with People
Lyrics Verse
The polar bears are moving north,
The penguins are moving south.
The ice is breaking, the Earth is shaking,
And time is running out.
The Northwest Passage has opened up
Like the parting of the Red Sea,
The ocean’s warming, big storm warning,
But not everyone agrees.

The water is rising, the fire is raging,
The mud is sliding, the wind is changing.
And tomorrow’s riding
On what we’re deciding,
Can we turn the tide?
The water is rising, yeah, the water is rising.

Some say it’s human activity,
And some say that it ain’t,
That it’s only human to keep on consumin’,
And we don’t need no restraint.
Some say scientists just made it up,
And it’ll stop economic growth,
But if we don’t choose to cut the CO2’s
We’d better start building a boat.Chorus

Bridge (spoken)
I had a dream the other night,
It seemed the whole world was standing on a shore,
Friends and foes, rich and poor,
And the water was rising,
Up to our knees, up to our hips,
Up to our necks, up to our lips,
I woke up in a cold sweat,
Relieved that it hadn’t happened yet…
I picked up the morning paper,
And on the front page was a headline that read,
Like a deadline from some future age, it said,


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