Explore the foundations of sustainability, inclusivity, and human rights to be able to bring a voice to issues you care about and identify crucial efforts for change happening around the world today.

Through workshops, leadership challenges, and creative exploration, level up personal and professional skills that will distinguish you as an effective changemaker and jump-start your career or study path.

Equipped with your skills, global perspective, and the support of the worldwide Up with People network, design a personalized action plan to spark change in your community.


Build powerful connections

Goodbye social isolation! Connect with diverse youth in person

Turn learning into action

Level up your skills through our experiential changemaker curriculum

Cultural Discovery

Explore your local program destination

Guest Speaker Series

Join talks with social impact leaders around the world


Make a difference in the local community

Tap into your creative potential

Explore the role of artistic expression in advancing social change


ChangemakerUWP Participant Handbook