Meet the Cast Monday: Aiyonna from Colorado

Posted by Up with People on October 14, 2019

On this week’s Meet the Cast Monday, meet Aiyonna from Colorado! At 19-years-old and fresh out of high school, Aiyonna is excited to travel the world and start her journey of self discovery. Interests and Passions: Painting, drawing, sculpting, and writing Why did you decide to travel in Up with People? “I want people to know that they are being listened to, understood, and that they are cared for. That’s pretty much what Up With People stands for. The travel aspect was also very interesting to me.” What was arrival day in Ottawa like for you? “Cold! Staying in hot …

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Why Volunteering Makes You Happy According to Science

Posted by Up with People on October 11, 2019

It’s no secret that being around other people is more fun than being alone. Social relationships are described as one of the greatest single causes of a person’s overall state of happiness. Thanks to research done by the University of Minnesota, we now know that volunteering in fact creates social gain which “leads to more interaction, engagement, and trust” which all significantly impact a person’s mental health. Up with People’s travel program advocates towards the awareness and empowerment towards social change on mental health. Over the last ten years, mental health issues have risen among young adults, with social media …

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Meet the Cast Monday: Macy, Up with People Gap Year Student

Posted by Up with People on October 7, 2019

Up with People gap year students travel anywhere from 6 months to 1 year as they visit different countries around the world volunteering and performing in local communities spreading a message of hope. For this week’s Meet the Cast Monday, we had a chance to sit down with Macy, one of our newest travelers in the Up with People program. Learn more about Macy, her first time meeting her host family, and what she is most excited for during the Spring 2019 tour on our latest YouTube video!     “You know that each of us Has a song to sing, …

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Part 2: Raising Cultural Awareness Through Study Abroad

Posted by Up with People on September 25, 2019

Guest Post by Theresa MacNeil, Assistant Professor at Florida Southern College & Study Abroad Professor for Up with People When students look for an opportunity to explore the world, many seek out study abroad opportunities for a semester or even a full year. Up with People added the study abroad programs with Florida Southern College to work together to help young people experience life in meaningful ways. Experts say that having good communication and interpersonal skills are two of the most important skills potential employers are seeking in job candidates. Communication skills are vital for a successful life, both personally …

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Meet the Cast Monday: Henry from Mexico

Posted by Up with People on September 23, 2019

Meet Henry, a first time gap year traveler in Up with People from Mexico! Learn more about Henry, what his first experiences in the United States have been like for him, and what he hopes to gain out of his time traveling with the cast. Why did you decide to travel in Up with People? “It’s a way for me to help the communities I visit while still traveling and meeting people from all over the world with similar interests as myself. I have met people that I can call real friends and people that I can build bridges over …

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