Study Abroad Fundraising Ideas: How to Travel Without Breaking the Bank

Posted by Up with People on August 22, 2017

So, you’ve landed an exciting opportunity to study abroad, but you’re not sure how to pay for it. Don’t panic. A life-changing opportunity to explore and discover the world is probably worth a little extra fundraising effort, don’t you think? The keys are starting early and staying organized, so here are some of the best ways to raise funds for your adventure of a lifetime without breaking the bank. Most of the time, the hardest part is simply getting started! MAKE A PLAN Before you begin raising money, figure out how much you have and how much more you need. Try …

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Bridge Year 101: How to Pack for a Year Abroad

Posted by Up with People on August 17, 2017

Planes, trains, automobiles, changing climates and new cultures – like nothing you’ve ever experienced before – are you ready for your life as a student traveling abroad? “Of course I am”, you confidently think to yourself, until it comes time to figuring out what to pack for this experience of a lifetime. Leaving the nest for the first time isn’t easy and it begins with making sure you’re well equipped with clothes to wear. After all, this is more than packing for a week vacation at grandma’s house. LUGGAGE Before you start washing and folding all your favorite clothes, you’ll …

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The Life-Changing Benefits of Spending a Gap Year Abroad

Posted by Up with People on June 29, 2017

“I was fresh out of college and floundering to find a job that I felt passionate about,” said Up with People alumni Dave Stockwell on his motivations for taking a gap year. “My world seemed small and I knew there was so much more to see and learn.”  Like Dave, there will be many times throughout your life where you need to make a decision today about what’s best for you tomorrow.  It can be scary and at the same time, exhilarating! If we were all armed with a crystal ball, we’d nail it every time! Unfortunately, that’s not the …

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Unique Gift Ideas For Aspiring Young Travelers

Posted by Up with People on March 7, 2017

The United Nations estimates that 20 percent of all international travelers, over 200 million people, are under the age of 30. Travel is the new most wanted gift under the tree. With millions of high school and college grads considering a gap year and over 300,000 American students planning to study abroad next year, it’s easy to see why anything related to travel will turn you into a gift-giving champion. As this new wave of young people prepares for a much-anticipated adventure abroad and gift-giving season in full swing, consider the following list for that travel aspiring person on your list. Whether that gift is …

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Colorado Gives Day – 2022

Posted by Up with People on

It is almost a tradition in our state that we help those in need. As the largest 24-hour GIVING event in Colorado, Colorado Gives Day has raised over 500 million dollars to empower non- profit organizations that make a difference in our lives. On the first Tuesday of December since 2010, Coloradans have come together to support the nonprofit organizations that make our state better daily. For example, there are over 3,000 non-profit organizations and the people related to them have benefited from the generosity and kindness of the citizens of Colorado. We expect you all to continue giving this …

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