Up with People Cast Virtually Connects with Students from Hopi Nation

Posted by Up with People on April 13, 2020

  The cast of the Up with People Spring 2020 tour may have all headed home early, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t continuing to stay connected! From sharing their #IWillShareHope videos on social media to having multiple calls throughout the week with one another, the cast of young international global citizens are constantly finding ways to keep hope alive. This week, Up with People travelers from Europe, Bermuda, and the United States had the chance to speak with students from the Hopi Nation about their culture and experience. Prior to the Spring 2020 tour ending, the cast had an …

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Up with People – Staying Connected Through Social Media

Posted by Up with People on March 30, 2020

These last few weeks have truly been about processing and trying to adapt to the drastic changes of what our daily lives now look like.  Yet despite the darkness, we have been so happy to see so many people shining their light to keep hope alive on social media! Up with People wants to unite everyone during this time and to continue growing our community to those who need a little extra hope. Join us for ways to stay virtually connected through: #IWillShareHope Challenges!  Be a part of a growing community of individuals who are expressing themselves and sharing hope …

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Meet the Cast Monday: Bertil from Denmark

Posted by Up with People on March 9, 2020

On this week’s edition of Meet the Cast Monday, we would love for you to meet one of our newest gap year travelers, Bertil from Denmark! What is your name, where are you from, and what semester is this for you? “Hey! My name is Bertil Vestergård Laier. I am 19-years-old and come from a small village that goes under the amazing name of Kvols. It’s right between two big cities called Viborg and Skive. I have lived there my whole life. This is my first semester traveling in Up with People.” What are some of your hobbies back at …

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Honoring Women’s History Month

Posted by Up with People on March 6, 2020

Up with People is proud to honor women and girls around the world for Women’s History Month. For more than 70 years, American women suffragists persisted to fight for their right to vote. 100 years ago, women in the United States were fighting for their right to be able to join the workforce with equal pay, and the fight for this still continues today. It wasn’t until 1972 that federal law guaranteed the right to education free from gender discrimination.  For these reasons, along with many others, we recognize the importance of Women’s History Month which is observed throughout the …

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Up with People Welcomes Vernon C. Grigg III as New President & CEO

Posted by Up with People on February 17, 2020

Vernon C. Grigg III, President & CEO of Up with People Up with People is pleased to announce the appointment of Vernon C. Grigg III as its President and CEO. Under Grigg’s leadership, Up with People will expand its mission of promoting inclusiveness and dialogue by spreading the values of equity, respect, and understanding, and the importance of diversity around the world.      With his lifelong commitment to service, equality, and social justice, Vernon Grigg was the clear choice as the next Up with People CEO.  From humble beginnings moving from one military base to another, Grigg’s public-school teacher parents instilled …

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