WILDCARD WEDNESDAY: Host Family Connections

Posted by Up with People on June 6, 2018

Karin, from the Netherlands, has been an Up with People (UWP) host family since she was a baby. Her parents have hosted 13 students over the past 36 years. “We learned from them that it is okay to be yourself. They accept you for who you are,” said Karin. “They even helped with English homework.” She loved seeing the UWP show and learning about the cast members’ cultures. She remembers learning about Halloween and baking cookies with her host sisters. Years later, she wondered about UWP and looked at our website. She was surprised to find that a touring cast …

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MEET THE CAST MONDAY: Ally from the United States

Posted by Up with People on June 4, 2018

“One reason I think young adults should travel with UWP is because of all the experiences and connections they will make through their 6 month or 1 year tour. Not to mention the number of friends they will make from all around the world! Also, Up with People is a great place to find what you are passionate about, what burns inside of you and makes you want change. Personal growth is another big aspect, and I should know, coming from experience in my first semester.” How will you keep hope alive? “Just by being in this program and sharing …

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10 Easy Travel Hacks To Make You A Better Traveler

Posted by Up with People on May 31, 2018

While travel is one of our favorite things we recognize that sometimes trips could go just a little more smoothly. These simple travel hacks can save you time, money, and at times your sense of sanity. So before heading out on your next great adventure be sure to use a few of these pro travel hacks! Use a Sunglasses Case For Power Cords The more helpful electronic devices we pack the more of a pain tangled power cords can be. There is a very simple solution! Pack an extra sunglasses case to store those power cords. This offers a lightweight …

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Taking A Break From Traditional Education

Posted by Up with People on May 24, 2018

Attending university for many students seems like a default life decision and sometimes not even a choice at all. When school doesn’t seem to fit, some simply decide to go to college even though they may need a break from traditional education. More and more, students and parents are recognizing the value in taking a break and exploring other forms of education that will provide skills for the real world. Take Josh, a member of Up with People’s Cast A 2018, who recently said, “Taking a year to see the world before I went out into it was the best …

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MEET THE CAST MONDAY: Kaat from Belgium

Posted by Up with People on May 21, 2018

How do you think young people can impact the world in a positive way? “I believe that we have to be open-minded and optimistic. What we do in UWP is an amazing example. We learn to go along with so many people and we have hope that if we work all together, we can improve and empower the world.” What does the world need? “For me, the world needs to be more a happy place. There is too much hate, disrespect, prejudice, people that not feel loved, inequity in the world.”    How will you keep hope alive? “I will …

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