Habits of Successful Study Abroad Students

Posted by Up with People on August 9, 2018

Planning a study abroad semester or year can be overwhelming and it can be intimidating especially if this will be your first experience overseas. Ultimately each study abroad student will get out of the experience exactly what they put in. First you must choose the correct program for your needs and then get ready for a life changing experience. While preparing for time abroad, think about these habits of successful study abroad students and how you can get the most of your time overseas. Wake Up Early In Up with People we joke that you can catch up on sleep …

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10 Ice Breakers To Get To Know New Friends

Posted by Up with People on August 2, 2018

It’s arrival week here at Up with People meaning a new group of participants is arriving in Denver, CO from 20+ countries around the world. These young people don’t know each other yet but this week they will be forming bonds that will last a lifetime. It can be intimidating meeting total strangers. If you find yourself in a situation where large groups need to get to know each other quickly, ice breakers can be an incredible tool. Here are 10 of our favorites to help your group get to know new friends. Desert Island – You know the question, …

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Volunteer Travel: How Volunteering Benefits You And Your Host Country

Posted by Up with Poeple on July 26, 2018

Up with People takes the concept of service and volunteerism deeper than most travel programs. Each week, participants volunteer with schools and non-profit organizations to meet a community need and spark action in local community members that will continue to make an impact well beyond UWP’s visit. In fact, on average each participant completes 200 hours of service in a semester! By working directly with local citizens, together we create communities of action who understand their ability and responsibility to tend to the issues facing their cities and towns for the long term. Examples of Community Action projects include: School …

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Language Learning And Travel

Posted by Up with People on July 20, 2018

Each semester participants of Up with People’s program meet for the first time in Denver, CO. These young people represent over 20 countries and come from places like Japan, China, Sweden, Mexico and the United States. Many of these travelers have spent years practicing their English speaking skills and come to Up with People to practice those skills in the real world for the first time. Many second language learners will tell you that the only way to truly learn a language is to travel and speak with people in the real world. This forces you out of your comfort …

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11 Scholarships To Fund Your Study Abroad or Gap Year Adventure

Posted by Up with People on July 12, 2018

So, you’ve landed an exciting opportunity to study abroad or are planning a gap year, but you’re not sure how to pay for it. Don’t panic. A life-changing opportunity to explore and discover the world is probably worth a little extra effort, don’t you think? The keys are staying organized and applying for scholarships early and often. Here are some amazing scholarships available to help fund your adventure. Most of the time, the hardest part is simply getting started! Anna Ftorek Memorial Scholarship Fund  Award – Varies Available exclusively to participants of Up with People’s program, preference shall be given …

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