A Global Ecosystem

Posted by Up with People on September 27, 2018

Post from Up with People President & CEO Dale Penny: When I left Up with People in 1995, I worked with a national youth conservation service organization (The SCA) for 17 years. Our mission was to develop young environmental leaders through stewardship of the land. College interns and high school volunteers worked to preserve and restore public lands in backcountry and urban settings. What I came to understand was we weren’t simply conserving the land…we were really working to sustain the ecosystem of the places where we worked. An ecosystem is simply a community of mutually dependent parts — animals, …

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5 Benefits Of Staying With Host Families While Traveling

Posted by Up with People on September 20, 2018

While Up with People program participants travel the world they stay not in hotels, dorm rooms, or hostels but with local host families. This can be one of the most rewarding benefits of the travel experience because it instantly gets the traveler that much closer to the local culture. Living with a host family is an adventure within an adventure and an experience that many never forget. What are the benefits of staying with a host family? We’re so glad you asked. You Get To Live Like A Local Learn what locals like to do, where they like to go …

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When Is The Best Time For A Gap Year

Posted by Up with People on September 13, 2018

A gap year – between high school and university, or perhaps as a semester off during college – has been increasing in popularity across the globe for a very good reason – it gives you the chance to get a better sense of who you are and what you want to do during major life transitions. A gap year refers to taking time off to travel, volunteer or even work. But when is the best time in life to take a gap year? While it’s true participants in Up with People’s gap year program are often between high school and …

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Arts As A Social Change Agent: The Art In My Heart

Posted by Up with People on September 6, 2018

In honor of National Arts In Education Week Coming Up September 9 – 15; Guest post from Walter Belcher, Director of Camp Up with People, Co-Director of Up with People Jr. and Show Director of Up with People As a professional actor, singer, and director – coupled with being an alumnus of Up with People and working with AmeriCorps – an ‘artist activist’ is a large part of who I am. While the concept of using the arts as a tool for social justice is not a new concept, using the arts to address injustice that spans the globe is …

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Back To School – The Value Of Experiential Education

Posted by Up with People on August 30, 2018

As many head back to school and summer winds down we can’t help but think about the value of experiential education. Experiential education can be defined as a type of education in which educators purposefully engage with learners in direct experience outside of the classroom and focused reflection in order to increase knowledge, clarify personal values and develop one’s own capacity to contribute to their communities. More simply put; learning by doing. Experiential education is at the core of Up with People’s on the road education curriculum because we believe it’s incredibly important in today’s world. While experiential education should …

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