Cast of Up with People Wraps Up Spring, 2019 Tour

Posted by Up with People on June 7, 2019
Cast of Up with People saying goodbye at the end of their gap year program

It has been an exciting time for the cast of Up with People. From Denver, Colorado in the United States, all the way to Skive, Denmark, this group of over 100 young adults from around the world have helped spread the mission of Up with People to several communities throughout North America and Europe. How Up with People Has Impacted the World As we wrap up their Spring, 2019 tour, we wanted to share with all of you what our cast has accomplished in these last few months. Shows Performed: 34 Volunteer Sites: 132 Volunteer Hours: 7,476 Host Families: 582 …

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Up with People Guest Post: Liam from Pennsylvania

Posted by Up with People on June 5, 2019
Liam from Pennsylvania travels in Up with People

Liam is a year long cast member in Up with People. As he wraps up his semester traveling and volunteering around the world, he graciously shared his experience of his time volunteering in a juvenile detention center in Mexico.   “The air was stale and heavy, like chewing overcooked chicken; it took all the moisture out of my body. The sun scorched the arid dirt in San Luis Potosi. We pulled up to the looming gray gates where two armed guards met the van. Our driver and the guard spoke in Spanish, but there was an ever slight hesitation and …

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Meet the Cast Monday: Momo from Japan

Posted by Up with People on June 3, 2019

This week on our Meet the Cast Monday series, we are thrilled to have you meet Momo, the dance captain for Up with People! What are some of your interests and passions? “My passion is to dance, as well as education for kids. I believe everyone around the world should have equal access to a good education and have the freedom to dream.” What were you doing before you came to Up with People? “I was studying education and English in college for three years. I decided to take some time off because I thought I needed to take time …

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22 Scholarships & Grants for Your Semester Off from College

Posted by Up with People on May 31, 2019
Group of young women in the cast of Up with People

Taking a semester off to travel, volunteer and perform in Up with People is an extremely exciting time in a person’s life. Getting ready to hop on a plane to a new destination where you will impact people from different countries all over the world is priceless. However, any gap year program will come at a cost. The good news is that there are plenty of opportunities for financial aid, grants and scholarships to help pay for your travels. We recently shared a post for parents who are looking to help save money on our study abroad program through tax …

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Just One Thing: A Message from Dale Penny

Posted by Up with People on May 29, 2019

Scene from the movie “City Slickers” Curly:   Do you know what the secret of life is?                                                                                             Mitch: No, what? Curly:   Holds up one finger) This. Mitch:  Your finger? Curly:   One thing. Just one thing. Mitch: That’s great, but what’s the one thing?                                                                            Curly:   (smiles)  That’s what you have to find out.      In the 1991 movie starring Billy Crystal and Jack Palance, the grizzled cowhand advises the young city slicker to find his most important thing in life. I’ve been thinking about that recently as I look at the most important issues in the world right now. If …

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