Meet The Cast Monday: Tyler from Arizona

Posted by Up with People on December 10, 2018

Meet Tyler, A Rock Star Cast Member of Up with People from Arizona! Tyler shared his experience during his recent semester traveling in Up with People. Let’s see what he had to say. Tell me about a favorite moment you have experienced so far in UWP? “One of my favorite moments in Up with People was when we were singing a song dedicated to refugees for the refugees in the audience.” What are you looking to gain from your experience in the program? “Im looking to gain a better understanding of myself, a better understanding of the world that surrounds …

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Thinking About Taking A Semester Off?

Posted by Up with People on December 5, 2018

For those thinking about taking a semester off from school the decision can be difficult and unconventional. More and more, students and parents are recognizing the value in taking a break and exploring other forms of education that will provide skills for the real world. Take Josh, a member of Up with People’s Cast A 2018, who said, “Taking a year to see the world before I went out into it was the best decision I’ve ever made. I wish every young adult who’s still searching for their passion could have the opportunity to travel and find what empowers them …

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Meet The Cast Monday: Justice from South Dakota

Posted by Up with People on December 3, 2018

Meet Justice, One of Our Amazing Cast Members of Up with People from South Dakota! We had a chance to sit down with Justice to learn more about his experience on tour. Let’s get the low down. What is a language you wish you were fluent in? “Spanish, because I feel like it’s really handy since it’s one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Especially here in the U.S with a greater influence of the Spanish language and culture, so I feel like I’d be able to communicate more efficiently and with more people.” What did it …

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Meet The Cast Monday: Celeste from Sweden

Posted by Up with People on November 26, 2018 travel performance group

  Meet Celeste, a Sweden native who travels in the current cast of Up with People! We got a chance to sit down and ask her a few questions about her experience so far on tour. Here’s what she had to say.   If you could spend a day in the life of a cast member who would it be? “I would like to see what a day in the life would be like if I were Elliot… I think he sees the world very differently from the way that I see it. Not just culturally, but personality wise too, …

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Giving Thanks Around The World

Posted by Up with People on November 21, 2018

Coming together to give thanks for good friends, family and food are not exclusive to the Thanksgiving celebrations in the United States and Canada. Giving thanks around the world takes on many forms. Check out these amazing festivals that commemorate a great harvest every year! South India: Pongal, the Harvest Festival Pongal is a four day celebration that takes place every January. This festival marks the beginning of the end of the winter season in India. The second day is considered the most important part of the festival and is the day dedicated to worshipping the sun god. Locals toss …

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