How An Individual Can Make A Difference

Posted by Up with People on January 16, 2019

In the face of a multitude of global problems, it can be difficult to feel like an individual or small groups can make a difference. Our minds and hearts are in the right place but what can one person really do? It turns out quite a lot. Social impact is defined as the “effect an organization’s (or individual’s) actions have on the well being of the community.” For example, the organization Habitat For Humanity has a positive social impact on communities by providing houses for the poor. With Martin Luther King day just around the corner in the United States,

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Meet The Cast Monday: Tylene From Montana

Posted by Up with People on January 14, 2019

Meet Tylene, a Study Abroad Participant in Up with People from Montana! Starting Her Education Traveling Abroad “I knew I wanted to come back for a second semester from the moment I got to Denver and we started our first day. I wanted to be here, but I also wanted to have a different experience than the first time. I decided to join the study abroad program. I wasn’t apart of it in my first semester and I really wish I was. I felt like I missed out on a perfect opportunity to start my education and have a different experience

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Printable Year Abroad Travel Packing Checklist

Posted by Up with People on January 9, 2019

Packing for a semester or year abroad can be challenging. Especially when you have that gut feeling that you must be forgetting something! That’s why we’ve put together a handy printable checklist of the items you will need for your journey. This list includes many items that are obvious, but also some things you might not think of. When it comes to packing, especially for a world tour with Up with People where you travel to a new city every week, less is more. We recommend taking only one checked bag and a backpack or duffel bag for daily use

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Seasoned Travel Pros Explain How To Actually Beat Jet Lag

Posted by Up with People on January 4, 2019

In a few weeks the new group of Up with People participants will arrive in Denver, Colorado to begin their adventure. They are coming from all over the world and will jump right into their gap year and study abroad adventures when they arrive. This means no time for jet lag! Symptoms of jet lag include extreme tiredness, insomnia, anxiety, headache and irritability. The amount of time it takes to recover from jet lag usually depends on the number of time zones one has crossed, but fear not! There are things you can do to avoid jet lag altogether. We

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New Year’s Resolutions From Around The World

Posted by Up with People on December 26, 2018

A new year is just around the corner and New Year’s resolutions are top of mind for many. Even though statistics tell us that most people don’t actually keep their New Year’s resolutions, we can at least reflect on what went well (or not so well) this past year and set goals for what’s next. Making resolutions is a popular practice around the globe. Here are some of the most popular ideas to make your 2019 the best year yet! Learn a New Language The top 3 countries that see the largest spike in online searches for learning a new

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