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The most recent update to this page was made on April 17, 2021.  To correct any errors, add additional names, or to add photos or short stories/biographies, please contact us.

Name Cast Date Of Death
Amy Lowe Watson 96A, 97A April 7, 2021
Mechtildis Weber 70B Unknown
Tom Wech 66 Unknown
William “Alan” Wedge 95C Unknown
Cheryl Wehner (Gunn) 84D March 15, 2018
Rick Welch 67C January 18, 2013
Mark Werdon 83B December 7, 2009
Curtis Wade Westbrook 77A March 27, 2020
Barbara Jean White 67C, 68C Unknown
Paul White 71B Unknown
Ruth Wickemeyer Staff October 26, 2005
Claudia Wiediger (Oetterli) 97B May 30, 2013
Lorraine Wieseler (Senn) 79B April 1, 2004
Steven Wilbee 77A January 1, 1989
Tom Wilkes 65A, 66B, 67B, 68B March 11, 2000
Vera Willaims 65A June 15, 2014
Mike Williams 67C Unknown
Jean M Williams 68C Unknown
Jimmie “Jim” Lee Williams 76E March 1, 2006
Clyde Williams 80A Unknown
Joseph Wisnieski Kasmir 72B, 73A, 73C December 5, 2005
Eric Brian Wolken 81D Unknown
Mary Wolter (Finney) 69A July 14, 2014
Denise Wood (Hyde) 65A April 6, 2010
Wordell Woodward 66A, 66B, 67B, 68B, 68C Unknown
Julia Worthington 69B, 70B, 71H January 1, 1999
Michiko Yamada (Kataoka) 66C Unknown
Jon Roger Yates 66C March 23, 2008
Herbert “Mark” Yates 71B Unknown
Derek Todd Yeager 82A Unknown
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