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Name Cast Date Of Death
Denise Wood (Hyde) 65A April 6, 2010
Wordell Woodward 66A, 66B, 67B, 68B, 68C Unknown
Julia Worthington 69B, 70B, 71H January 1, 1999
Michiko Yamada (Kataoka) 66C Unknown
Jon Roger Yates 66C March 23, 2008
Herbert “Mark” Yates 71B Unknown
Derek Todd Yeager 82A Unknown
Adolfo Calderon Yepez 77A, 78C, 79A Unknown
Kazuko Yoshida (Nagumo) 88E October 25, 2002
Ann-Marie Young (McGee) 88C, 90A July 31, 2015
Jan Youngman Spencer 68A April 2, 2015
Michelle Yrun 87D January 19, 2015
Ilana Zajdman 79C, 80C June 8, 2020
Joseph Zsuzsics 00C January 11, 2012
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