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Name Cast Date Of Death
Robert E, Jr Patton 84D Unknown
Nitikarn “Ni” Pavasant 92D November 30, 2002
Preston Pearson 66C, 67C, 68C, 69C Unknown
Katherine Peckham 67B, 68B Unknown
Luther Pendleton 66A February 8, 2006
Linda Pendolphi 68A June 4, 2007
Bill Pensoneau 65A July 1, 2002
Julio Perazza 67B, 68B Unknown
Esther Diaz Lanz Perry 65A, 66B, 68A Unknown
Roxanne Gladys Perry 84E Unknown
Brian Perzan 83B, 84A, 85B Unknown
Richard Blaine Petersen 74B August 8, 1988
Arthur “Lee” Piepmeier 66A, 66B, 66C, 67B April 12, 2021
Gary Pietsch 73A Unknown
Jeff Plum 72A Unknown
Stephen Polovich 76C December 26, 1977
Mary Pool (see also Tianna Bentley) 66C, 67D, 68C January 24, 2021
Steve Porter 71B, 72B Unknown
Donna Pothour Staff December 12, 2012
Karen Powell 67B Unknown
Joanne Power (Ball) 81E June 3, 2012
Michael Praytor 00D April 7, 2007
Agnete Pribram 66B, 68B, 69B, 70B February 23, 2000
John Pribram 69B, 70C June 29, 2008
Nicolien Pronk 88C Unknown
Lynn Provine 71A Unknown
Otto Pulkkinen 66A, 67A, 68A Unknown
Ray Purdy 65A, 68A September 15, 2020
Charles Pursell 68C, 70C Unknown
Sonja Quebbemann (Carlson) 92C March 7, 2008
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