2nd Semester Option

For cast members who are interested in extending their international education experience with Up with People, we are pleased to offer you the chance to add a second semester tour!

Second Semester Program Benefits

INNOVATE - Our second semester program is based on Innovation. As an experienced Up with People cast member, you will be presented with special learning opportunities, and have the chance to put your skills to work by acting as leaders and role models for new cast members. In your orientation as a second semester student, you will reflect on what you gained from your first semester, and how you want to innovate on that experience to challenge yourself to grow in new and different ways.

DEVELOP - Your second semester enables you to improve the skills you built during your first semester by stepping into project management roles, advanced networking experiences, and the chance to apply for additional internship/assistantships.

ADVANCE - A second semester offers you unique and advanced learning opportunities!

  • Become a Public Relations Intern, and join the promotions staff team as they spend six weeks in a city prior to cast arrival where you will launch and execute a full-scale PR and media campaign
  • Additional in-depth training seminars while in Denver for 2nd semester staging period
  • Additional volunteer service & community outreach opportunities in Denver
  • New show production training and rehearsal (during new show semesters only)
  • Opportunity for Career days in Denver to shadow someone in the cast member’s aspiring career field

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“Participating in a second semester has been an incredible growth opportunity for me. My first semester was amazing and I learned a lot. I think, however, that it took me a full semester to totally adapt to Up with People's lifestyle. I learned during my first semester how to be away from my family, I learned to be comfortable in an environment that was constantly changing; and I think I became much better at putting myself out there. Now that I am used to these things, I have been able to spend this semester developing more as an individual. Because I am already comfortable with this lifestyle I can focus more on how I want to grow as a leader. I find myself thinking more about how I am going to use what I have learned here to make a difference in the world after I am finished with Up with People. This second semester has given so much more value to my Up with People experience. After my first semester, I realized how quickly things go here. I am trying very hard to appreciate every moment because I know that this will not be forever.”

Chameli, Texas, 2nd Semester Cast Member

“I most certainly think that doing a second semester has helped me gain more life skills compared to my first semester. In my first semester I really felt like I gained so much, but I was merely scratching the surface. I really enjoy getting the chance to apply everything UWP has taught me, now in my second semester. I can, with ease, say that the innovation aspect of the second semester has been a very noticeable difference for me. Another example of a difference is that I feel way more prepared for every procedure and my overall mindset is positively set to every activity we have. I believe I am more aware and mindful of the time left. There are so many issues with communication on an individual- as well as a departmental level within Up with People and I have felt that I can contribute with reminders and also being aware of what needs to be done. I may be very biased towards all the musical aspects of our program but I would like to say that I keep checking in with other departments and see if they need anything from me, to overall increase efficiency, or just to make sure that they are aware of what is going on.”

Affe, Sweden, 2nd Semester Cast Member

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