Admissions FAQ

Is there an application period?

UWP processes applications on a rolling basis with no specific application deadline for each program. We recommend you begin the application process as soon as possible for the program(s) in which you’d like to participate. We typically have applications open for the next four upcoming tours. You will receive email notification of your status approximately 2-4 weeks after you have completed your online application and interview.

How do I apply?

Applying is easy. Our simple two-step application process includes an online application and an in-person, internet, or phone interview. Click here for more application details and to APPLY NOW!

Where will I travel on tour?

Each tour includes multi-continent travel to various regions of the world. Actual tour destinations will vary each semester and final tour destinations are not confirmed until approximately two months prior to student arrival. Recent tours have included stops in the United States, Bahamas, Belgium, Bermuda, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Mexico, Japan, The Philippines, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland and Taiwan. Click here to see our Current Tour Schedule or to view examples of Past Tour Schedules.

What travel documentation do I need?

You will need a passport, valid for at least six months after the end date of your program. Depending on your native country, you may need visas to enter the various countries on your tour. Once you’ve been accepted to the program, we will provide you all the information you need to secure the appropriate visas. Be sure to start the process early, because it may take several months to secure your credentials.

How will Up with People prepare me to visit new countries?

Your staff will prepare you for this cultural immersion before traveling into another country by hosting workshops that will introduce you to the country’s traditions and culture, such as food, transportation, language, and other important information. You will often have fellow cast members that represent the countries you will visit, and they are actively involved in advance cultural preparation. You will adapt to various situations while learning about different cultures and making the most of each unique experience.

Where do I live while I’m traveling with Up with People?

One of the most rewarding parts of your journey will be living with host families in each community you visit. During your week-long stay you will gain insight into your host family’s lifestyle, interests and traditions as well as have a unique opportunity to share your culture, experiences, and perspectives. Often, you will be paired with another UWP cast member, but, occasionally, you may be hosted in a family alone.

Does Up with People provide health insurance?

No. Cast Members are required to provide proof of health insurance coverage as part of the enrollment process. In addition, each student is responsible for securing their own international health insurance and is responsible for personal medical expenses incurred while on tour. Up with People has several insurance options you can consider.

How will the Up with People experience benefit my future?

Throughout our 50+ year history, participants who have traveled in UWP have developed extensive leadership, communication, intercultural, and global citizenship skills, all of which are crucial in finding success in today’s complex and interconnected world. In addition to the main education program in which all cast members participate, during your tour, you will have the chance to apply to be a part of a targeted internship and assistantship program. Our 22,000+ alumni have gone on to become enthusiastic leaders in their communities, their businesses, and the world. Click here to read the profiles of some of our successful alumni.

Can I get academic credit as part of the Up with People program?

Yes, all participating cast members have the option of enrolling in our optional academic credit program. Eligible cast members can earn up to 12 credits each semester of the program. Learn more here.

What are the main program components?

The Up with People program is a unique, multi-faceted educational experience that uniquely delivers learning via four main program components: International Travel & Cultural Immersion, Community Action, Performing Arts, and Experiential Education, & Professional Development. Our cast member’s education is supplemented with a rich curriculum with units in Interpersonal Communication, Cultural Awareness, Leadership & Group Development, and Global Citizenship. Our experiential approach gives cast members hands on learning that would be hard to find anywhere else. In addition, more professional development opportunities are available through internships and assistantships throughout the tour.

Does Up with People offer scholarships or other financial assistance?

Yes, we have both scholarship and grant programs available. Every accepted cast member has the chance to apply for a scholarship during their enrollment period. Scholarships range from $500 – $5000 and are awarded based on a variety of criteria. In addition, UWP has several tools to support future participants in fundraising to help cover the program fee. Click here to learn more about scholarships and fundraising options.

Up with People students who enroll in the Academic Credit Program option and who are also current university students in the United States may also be able to apply for federal financial aid awards and select scholarships toward the UWP program fee.

How much does the Up with People program cost?

The program fee for a single semester is $17,450, and a full year is $27,350. To support you in managing your program fee, Up with People offers a wide variety of scholarships and grants for eligible cast members. We also have crafted a fundraising guide to assist incoming participants in finding creative ways to secure financial support.

How long is the program?

Up with People offers both single semester and full year tour options. Each semester begins with a 4-week orientation program in Denver, Colorado, USA followed by a 14 to 15-week tour that will take you to at least 2 continents and an average of 4 -5 countries. Programs begin every January and July.

Are musical talent and performance ability requirements for participation?

Up with People was founded on the belief that throughout history, music has been a powerful force in uniting cultures and driving social change. The musical production is a core component of the program for uniting people and communities across the globe. All participants are involved with every element of our stage production, and play an important role in bringing our professional show to life in each community. However, no audition or prior performance experience is required for acceptance. If you have vocal, instrumental music talent or dance abilities, you may enjoy using them in the musical component of Up with People.

What are the basic requirements for acceptance into the Up with People program?

We accept young adults ages 17 – 29 who have a high school diploma or the equivalent. You must also have some proficiency in English. We look for future cast members who are open-minded, service-oriented, adaptable, have an interest in the performing arts, embrace diversity, have a strong work ethic, and are in good physical and mental condition.

What is Up with People’s goal?

Up with People’s driving purpose is to use the power of music and social action to empower young people to be positive agents of change and build a more hopeful, trusting, and peaceful world. Our touring cast acts as a catalyst to inspire people and communities to embrace their ability to act as global citizens, celebrate diversity, and forge connections with different cultures. We aim to impact communities and youth around the world with a message of hope, optimism and faith in our common humanity.